El Othmani: We Are Committed to Royal Initiatives

Saad Eddine El Othmani, the Head of Government, reaffirmed that the government is permanently mobilized behind all initiatives led by HM King Mohammed VI in the service of the nation’s best interests.

The Head of Government said at the opening of the proceedings of the Governing Council today that the issue of territorial integrity and national unity has seen major turning points, especially after the U.S. declaration of the recognition of the Moroccan Sahara.

He highlighted the urgency of national mobilization around our national question and the various Moroccan issues, whether internal, such as development and social justice, or external.

El Othmani signed, alongside the presidents of the U.S.-Israeli delegation during their last visit to Morocco, a number of agreements between the Kingdom and Israel. Indeed, he appeared at their sides in a collective photo, which has aroused the anger of several Internet users. In particular, it angered supporters of conservative currents who called this step a betrayal of his Islamic party and the Palestinian cause.

The head of the government praised all government departments for their efforts to improve the epidemiological situation in Morocco. In particular, the Ministries of Health, Interior, Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform and that of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, for their contribution and involvement to ensure the success of this project. Moreover, the Head of Government also discussed the preparations underway in our country for the launch of the national vaccination campaign against Covid-19, which HM the King has ordered to be free and accessible to all.

He also called for more collective mobilization to reduce the socio-economic impact of the pandemic, which requires permanent coordination between government departments for the realization of horizontal projects and the implementation of major reforms launched by our country. In his view, the pandemic is not a justification for stopping these reforms. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure more national mobilization, as recommended by HM the King, indicating that all the popular and civil national forces, and not only the official ones, are concerned by this mobilization and have a role to play in sensitization, communication and prevention against the pandemic.

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