Player of Moroccan Origin Omar Abdellaoui Severely Injured in the Face and Eyes

The striker of Moroccan origin from the Turkish club Galatasaray, Omar Abdellaoui, suffered deep wounds on his face and eyes from fireworks during New Year’s celebrations, according to his doctor and his club on Friday.

Indeed, Dr. Widad Kaya of Liv Hospital, where the Norwegian player is receiving treatment, said that “Abdellaoui arrived at the hospital Thursday night with an injury in his eye. We had recourse to a plastic surgeon and a group of ophthalmologists”.

The doctor said Abdellaoui has not lost his vision, but one eye was more injured than the second, indicating that he is in better condition today. However, it is too early to judge the long-term repercussions. He also refused to determine when the player will return to the stadium.

The president of Galatasaray Club, Mustafa Cengiz, visited the player at the hospital and told the local press on Friday that “the player has been traumatized, but he is in good mental health now.”

He continued that “his health is improving and we must have hope. I think we have to wait a week or two before we have a clear picture of his situation.”

According to Turkish newspapers, the accident was caused by fireworks exploding in his face while he was celebrating New Year’s Day at home.

Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim and his captain Arda Turan visited the 29-year-old player of Moroccan origin, who joined the club earlier this season after playing for English Manchester City and Greek Olympiacos.

Abdellaoui had stopped playing for several weeks in late November and early December because of his Coronavirus infection.

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