The Head of Government: We Will Strengthen the Achievements of our nation to Overcome the Artificial Conflict in the Moroccan Sahara

The Head of Government, Dr. Saad Eddine El Othmani, said that the Moroccan Sahara issue was and will forever remain a point of strong unanimity of the components of the Moroccan people, the merger of all national powers and mobilization behind HM the King may God assist him, for the defense of the vital interests of our country, its sacred symbols, its sovereignty and national unity.

During his intervention in the House of Representatives during the monthly session on general policy, held Monday, December 28, 2020, under the theme “The diplomatic record of the Kingdom on the issue of the national cause and the prospects for resolving the conflict over the Moroccan Sahara,” the Head of Government said that the Moroccan Sahara issue is a national battle of unequivocal liberalization, for which generations have made sacrifices before and after independence. He added that it is necessary to work on several plans and according to complementary perspectives to consolidate the Moroccan Sahara and strengthen the achievements of our country in dealing with the issue at the regional and international level, and continue the diplomatic efforts of the Kingdom to turn the page of this artificial conflict.

The Head of Government stressed that Moroccans have proved that they are ready to sacrifice their most cherished assets in the service of the Moroccan Sahara. They have clung, without the slightest doubt, to their legitimate, historical, political and social right, which is becoming firmer and stronger through concrete achievements and international recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara.

Indeed, the diplomatic developments concerning the issue of our territorial unity, including the U.S. presidential decision of December 10, 2020 to recognize the Moroccan Sahara, adds the Head of Government, is “another victory in the course of the national cause, which is in addition to the rest of the victories achieved under the leadership and instructions of HM King Mohammed VI may God preserve Him, and His continuous efforts with measured steps and clear-sighted and forward-looking vision.”

In this regard, the Head of Government focused on the effect of this unprecedented diplomatic achievement on the enemies and doubters of our territorial unity. They have used deceitful and captivating means, belittling the importance of this feat and claiming that it is only a symbolic statement that will not be followed by operational procedures, or claiming that the next administration will back down on this recognition.

The Head of Government also pointed out their attempts to pressure through lobbies and interest groups to carry out campaigns with the objective of pushing the next US administration to back down on this decision, when these are only “deceptive and corrupt means that will not succeed, and that will turn against their instigators”.

On the other hand, the Head of Government praised the efforts of official Moroccan diplomacy that have been deployed alongside national, diplomatic, parliamentary, collective and popular efforts, known as parallel diplomacy.

In this sense, the Head of Government noted the meetings he organized with the leaders of the majority and opposition parties to inform them of developments on national issues, exchange perspectives and listen to their proposals, with the aim of communicating, mobilizing and integrating all national forces to enhance these achievements.

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