Rabbi Pinto in the United States to Give Religious Lessons and Monitor His Health

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, president of the Hebrew Court in Morocco, arrived on Monday in the United States of America, where he gave several religious lessons on ethics in the Jewish religion and the precepts of the Torah. This visit was part of a large international religious awareness initiative that has so far included Israel, Morocco, the United Kingdom, France, Haiti and Guinea.

This was the third time in the last few months that the main Moroccan rabbi visited the United States, being an important part of this campaign, which includes several states including New York and Los Angeles.

The rabbi, whose origins lie in Essaouira, remained in the United States until Wednesday. He hosted daily Torah lessons at 5:00 p.m. New York time (midnight in Israel), and also held a large reception at his Manhattan home.

The Rabbi insisted on making this trip and meeting with his followers, despite his poor state of health. At the same time, he undergone medical tests and screening with personal American doctors who are closely monitoring his health, according to a statement from the rabbi’s Shuva Israel organization.

The organization said in the same statement, “For about a week, the Rabbi’s health has not been good, he is in great pain. This week he will visit the United States and will undergo tests conducted by his personal doctors.”

Rabbi Pinto, who has not yet reached the age of fifty, is suffering from cancer. Despite his unstable health condition, he is still keen to meet with his disciples and give religious lessons in different countries of the world. He travels to these countries on a private jet put at his disposal by his rich disciplines, as he previously stated in an interview with the Moroccan magazine Telquel.

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