Rabbi Pinto Gives His First Lessons in Casablanca after Returning Home

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto returned to Casablanca, after a long tour around the world, the most recent being the United States, where he gave several religious lessons in New York and Los Angeles, before returning to Morocco.

Directly after his return, the rabbi, a native of the city of Essaouira, gave a religious lesson on Thursday, in the Beth Din synagogue of the economic capital. Many of his followers were thirsty to listen to his relevant advice, his wise opinions, after weeks of absence.

Despite his unstable health conditions, the Rabbi, President of the Jewish Court of Casablanca, makes sure to meet with members of the Jewish community from all the cities of the Kingdom. They are keen to attend his lessons, especially during the holidays and religious ceremonies celebrated by the Jews. In addition, he responds to invitations from many of them to give lessons, read Torah and pray until late at night.

The Rav’s lessons have resonated in the United States, especially in Los Angeles, where thousands of Jewish and Muslim pilgrims have come to hear of the Rabbi’s blessings and have insisted on listening to his advice, which includes personal life, work, administration and daily behavior.

Rabbi Pinto was forced to extend his stay in Los Angeles, after the great success of his religious lessons. Indeed, his followers and supporters are thirsty to attend his lessons, especially after the long break caused by the spread of the Coronavirus, which prevented the rabbi from meeting them, satisfying their curiosity and answering their questions, based on his knowledge of the Torah and Kabbalah, of which he is one of the greatest teachers.

The Rabbi is very popular in the United States due to his charitable activities, his relations with businessmen, celebrities and officials.

The Rav has accepted invitations from several prominent Jewish families in Los Angeles, who have hosted him in their castles and villas. He conducted a similar tour a few weeks ago as well as a religious outreach campaign that included Israel, Morocco, the United Kingdom, France, Haiti and Guinea, where he gave lessons on Jewish religious ethics and Torah principles.

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