Morocco: personalities sign a petition against the vaccine pass

The government’s decision to impose a vaccination pass for inter-city travel and access to public places has divided public opinion. Some voices have been raised against this decision, which comes into force this Thursday.

Several well-known figures from the Moroccan political and media scene have expressed their rejection of this decision and signed a petition launched by a “citizen’s collective” against the vaccine pass, which has so far reached more than 17,000 signatures.

The signatories of this petition express their “incomprehension” about the decision to impose a vaccine pass without any prior notice or reasonable delay, or any national debate on the issue.

This, it is added, will expose millions of Moroccans to anxiety, the risk of not accessing their jobs, and the inability to access an administration in case of emergency, public transport or even to enjoy other more basic rights.

The signatories call for a calm and dispassionate national debate on the management of the health crisis, particularly at the level of Parliament, in order to listen to the various sections of the population, including of course the scientists, in order to adopt an approach based on objective epidemiological, public health and other arguments, protecting the health of the community while being socially acceptable.

Among the politicians who have signed are Nabil Benabdallah, Secretary General of the PPS, Nabila Mounib, MP and SG of the PSU, Amina Maelainine, former MP and member of PJD. In addition, there are personalities from different backgrounds.

A total of 799,577 people have received the 3rd dose of the anti-Covid vaccine, on the 17th day of the launching of the operation, the Ministry of Health said on Wednesday. The number of first-time vaccine recipients has reached 23,333,590, while the number of people who have received the second dose has now reached 21,116,355, the ministry said in its bulletin of Wednesday, October 20.

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