Construction: Israel to receive 15,000 Moroccan workers

“We are short about 40,000 workers, in ten different trades. We hope to gradually receive about 15,000 Moroccan construction workers. This could really improve the pace of construction in Israel,” the official said in statements to The Jerusalem Post.

Moroccan workers could “start arriving in Israel by the beginning of 2023. They would earn higher wages in Israel than in Morocco,” he added.

It should be noted that Israel is facing a shortage of construction workers and caregivers for the elderly and infirm. There are currently about 60,000 caregivers in the country, mainly from East Asia, and about 100,000 foreign construction workers from the West Bank, Thailand and China, according to The Jerusalem Post.

In addition to the construction sector, the Israeli government is also interested in recruiting Moroccan nurses.

The agreement between Rabat and Tel Aviv, which allows certain professional categories to work legally in Israel, was on the list of talks between Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita on Tuesday, June 21 in Rabat.

Morocco and Israel resumed diplomatic relations in 2020, and have since signed important agreements in various sectors, including economic, tourism, agribusiness and technology.

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