Denis Pouchline: Morocco has not officially contacted us about the Saadoun case

According to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Pushline confirmed to reporters: “Neither Morocco nor Britain has officially contacted us.

On June 9, Moroccan Ibrahim Saadun and Britons Sean Boehner and Aiden Aslin were sentenced to death by firing squad, after the court of this declared separatist entity, at the request of Moscow, issued a decision condemning the three in the armed aggression launched by Ukraine in order to take over the Donetsk Republic.

Although the Donetsk Parliament decided to suspend the execution of the death penalty, their Minister of Justice recently stated: “if the Court of Appeal confirmed the original decision, the sentence would indeed be carried out” adding that “the court should hear the appeal filed by the three foreigners, including Saadun.   
The defense has called for the death sentence to be commuted to life imprisonment for those accused of “mercenarism, seizure of power by force and commission of a crime by a group of persons, and their training for that purpose, and the carrying out of terrorist activities.

Earlier, the British government expressed concern about the fate of its citizens, Sean and Aiden, while the Moroccan government has remained silent. To date, there has been no news of an official Moroccan response.

The Donetsk Foreign Ministry said that “Morocco and Britain have the possibility to send lawyers to defend the convicted citizens”, according to the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Natalia Nikonorova: “Officially, none of these countries has contacted us, and this means that they do not care at all about the fate of their citizens.

She explained that there are different forms of communication, “both countries can send a lawyer”. She confirmed that nothing of the sort has been done.

The head of the Republic also refused to pardon the Moroccan student and his British companions, stating that he “finds no reason or motive to reverse the decision of the court and grant them a pardon”.

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