The air traffic controllers give up their strike in Morocco

Indeed, the collective began a strike that lasted only 35 minutes, before the Office of Administration of the ONDA intervened to meet their claims, as explained in a statement of the Office, published on its Facebook page.    
This was the subject of a meeting that lasted 30 minutes between the protesters and representatives of the management of the Office at the airport Mohammed V of Casablanca, said the same source, adding that the ONDA is committed to meeting all the demands made by air traffic controllers, and this, as soon as possible.   
According to the statement, the Office has recognized the particularity of the function of air traffic controller who, continues the same source, is considered the pillar of air flow and the ecosystem of civil aviation.   
Indeed, the air traffic controllers wanted to take advantage of the summer season which knows a strong air flow to put pressure on the management and make their claims. Reason for which they intended to go on strike which should last fifteen if the Office had not intervened and initiated talks.   

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