Rabat: Closure of several car wash garages

Faced with an uncertain and stressful water situation, the local authorities are resorting to major remedies. Those of Rabat and Salé, for instance, are even imposing sanctions on those who refuse to comply with the instructions.

In the capital of the Kingdom but also in Salé, after several weeks of awareness, local authorities are moving to execution, because they have just required the closure of garages specializing in washing cars. The activity known for its high consumption of drinking water has prompted local authorities to give substance to the latest circular of the Minister of the Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit. 

The authorities first consulted the drinking water consumption records of the premises concerned before closing down those that consumed excessive amounts of water. In other words, those that use low water consumption or environmentally friendly processes were not affected by this measure. Indeed, garages that use groundwater, provided that the wells are authorized, have not been concerned. The same applies to gas stations that use water-saving means.

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