Agriculture: 67% of the EU’s fresh tomatoes come from Morocco

According to the European Commission’s annual report on the short-term outlook for EU agricultural markets, Morocco remains the Old Continent’s leading supplier of tomatoes of different varieties. In 2021, 67% of the EU’s fresh tomato imports came from the Kingdom.

Exports from Turkey, they represent 25% of total European imports in 2022 against 17% in 2021 (+25%). Note, moreover, that exports of fresh tomatoes from the EU continue to decline, and this for a decade.

Thus, they are expected to fall to 330,000 tons in 2022, a decline of 12% compared to 2021, due to the impact of Brexit and the gradual
loss of the British market (75% of EU fresh exports in 2021), but also Moroccan competition on this market, according to the said report.

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