Rabbi Pinto celebrates the Holy Night of Redemption in Tel Aviv

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto will travel from Morocco to Israel on Tuesday, where tens of thousands of followers from all over the world are waiting for him, in order to participate with him in the celebration of the Holy Night of Redemption that will be held in the Menorah Methem synagogue in Tel Aviv, starting at 7:30 p.m., Israel time.

During this event, which will be attended by approximately 30,000 people, including followers of the Rav and adherents to his organization Shuva Israel, readings of Torah texts are scheduled, as well as finishing the holy books of the Zohar, and announcing the launch of Rabbi Pinto’s new book, which focuses on Jewish legislation. In addition, the rabbi and his followers will pray for the souls of the victims of the Meron disaster.

Indeed, this holy night is held only a few days before Rosh Hashanah (the Hebrew New Year). The rabbi will speak to his followers about the importance of tolerance between people and the holy day on which the world was created. In addition, 10,000 gold coins will be distributed to participants in the form of amulets to bring them protection and success.

Although all the tickets have been distributed and the registrations to participate in this great event were closed more than a week ago, more places have been added recently for the benefit of the participants, due to the high demand. Thus, it is possible to come on site and get a ticket at the entrance, depending on the availability of places, or call the following number 052-241-9527 to coordinate.

At this important event, Rabbi Pinto will speak about the Kabbalah, of which he is one of the greatest masters, and will read excerpts from the mystical texts of some of the holy “kabbalists” such as Rabbi Nassim Nahoum Zatzouk. He will also recite texts from the Torah of the Prophet Moses and begin a prayer of forgiveness. Rav Pinto will also pray for His Majesty King Mohammed VI on this holy and sacred night

Songs and hymns recited by a choir, directed by Abraham Farid and Haim Israel are also scheduled.

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto is of Moroccan origin. He is one of the most important and famous Israeli rabbis in the world for his tolerant spirit. 

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