Netherlands: Four Moroccans die in a terrible accident

A family of four of Moroccan origin drowned after their vehicle sank to the bottom of the Streefkerk river in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The tragedy took place last weekend.

According to local media, they were an 80-year-old father, a 69-year-old mother and their two daughters, aged 48 and 38. The deceased are believed to be from the Dutch town of Gouda. An investigation is underway to determine the circumstances of the incident, but police already believe it was a traffic accident.

A first body was found Sunday by hikers, who alerted the police. Rescuers had difficulty getting him out of the water because of the strong current. Sunday evening and early Monday morning, the three other bodies were found. Two people were still in the overturned car.

We also learn that the family had gone to Rotterdam to attend a wedding. Relatives had to alert the authorities after the four people did not give any sign of life.

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