Casablanca: campaign against stray dogs 

The Casa Baia company is carrying out an action plan to fight against the proliferation of stray dogs in the various arteries of the economic capital. Nearly fifty dogs were recovered last Sunday.

The operation, which is the result of a collaboration between Casa Baia, the Casablanca City Council and the city’s local authorities, is taking place in parallel in various neighborhoods, including Lissasfa, Ennassim, Jnane Louz and Al Azhar.

32 dogs were collected at the level of Lissasfa and Jnane Louz, and 14 others on the side of Al Azhar and Ennassim. The dogs were placed in a shelter to vaccinate and sterilize them. They will be taken care of by an animal protection association in Casablanca.

The operation should be extended to other areas of the city in the coming days. The objective is to limit the danger that these dogs pose to the safety of citizens. Abdelouafi Laftit, Minister of the Interior, recently indicated that a budget of 70 million dirhams has been mobilized over the past 5 years to fight the phenomenon of stray dogs in Morocco.

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