Dr. Tazi responds to rumors of his suicide

Dr. Hassan Tazi, a plastic surgeon, has threatened to take legal action against the authors of the rumors claiming that he committed suicide in the local prison Oukacha, Casablanca.

This threat was reported and confirmed by the administrator of his official account on the social network Instagram, who formally denied the aforementioned spurious rumors. “For what reason was this false information reported by some channels, as well as by pages of social networks? These are just lies and Dr. Tazi is indeed alive and still innocent,” said the administrator of the plastic surgeon’s Instagram account.

He continued: “We are preparing a file, in close collaboration with our lawyer, in order to file a judicial complaint against anyone who participates in these electronic defamation campaigns and undermines the honor and probity of Dr. Tazi. Hasbi Allah wa ni ma al wakil!”

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