Murder of Anwar: new shocking revelations

The young student, named Anwar, was found lifeless in his home in the Mesnana district of Tangier, with blunt force trauma on his body.

And the young minor, accused of having perpetrated this heinous crime, from Tetouan, was arrested by the elements of the Brigade of the judicial police of Tetouan. The latter has referred the accused to the prosecutor of the King at the Court of Appeal of Tangier.

After being heard, the minor was referred to the investigating judge of the same Court of Appeal. And according to information in possession of the Moroccan press, the girl said she knew the victim on social networks. Then, Anwar asked her to come to his house, in the apartment he was renting, in Tangier.

Indeed, she continued, she went to the young student. But this one, according to her, would have tried to impose on her nonconsensual sexual relations, after having caressed her intimate parts, against her will. And it is at this moment that the young minor has assailed two mortal blows to Anwar with a blunt weapon, one at the level of his neck and the other at the level of the belly, considering that she acted in self-defence against her aggressor.

In addition, during the preliminary investigation of this tragedy, the young murderess confessed that she had taken care to delete all the photos linking her with her victim in the gallery of Anwar’s cell phone, after having perpetrated her crime. She also took the device before contacting one of her family members who advised her to return quickly to Tetouan.

Following this confession, the competent public prosecutor’s office ordered the prosecution of the 17-year-old girl on charges of murder and theft. The respondent was subsequently incarcerated in the central prison of Kenitra. As well as the family member, whom she had contacted, was placed in custody at the same prison, accused of not denouncing a crime.

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