The lawyer of Fatiha the youtuber is worried about her mental health

Me Bouchaib Soufi is worried about the mental health of his client, the yachtswoman Fatiha. Sentenced to two years in prison, the mother would have difficulty accepting the consequences of her actions.

In a statement to the news site people RaliaMe Soufi explained that the 41-year-old mother is still in shock after the sentence against her. ʺShe has been under treatment for a long time, but this was not taken into consideration during her judgment. Our request for medical expertise in this regard was denied. But we will appeal once againʺ, the youtuber’s lawyer advanced us.

As a reminder, the Court of First Instance of Temara had sentenced the yachtswoman to two years imprisonment with a fine of 500 DH. Her husband also received the same prison sentence, with a fine of the same amount.

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