Record seizure of contraband alcohol in Marrakech

The elements of the police of Marrakech have managed to put their hands on Wednesday on a quantity of alcohol ʺmahiaʺ exceeding 10 tons. An individual engaged in the artisanal distillation of fig alcohol was arrested in this operation.

According to information available to the Moroccan press, 4730 liters of mahia were seized in a vacant lot, not far from the home of the accused. He was the subject of 11 search warrants at the national level for illegal sale of alcohol.

The investigation also led to the search of 21 barrels, containing 5950 liters of the alcohol in question, in a house belonging to one of his accomplices.

The suspect was taken into custody, while an investigation was ordered by the competent Prosecutor General’s Office, to identify the presence of other accomplices in this case.

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