El Jadida: a pregnant woman killed by her husband

The city of El Jadida was shaken by a terrible crime on Tuesday evening. A thirty-year-old man killed his wife, two months pregnant, because of marital problems.

According to the information available to the Moroccan press, the couple frequently argued. This time, things got out of hand and the accused, a 32 year old ragpicker, allegedly struck his wife several times before fleeing.

The victim, a 30-year-old mother of four, was evacuated to the emergency room of Mohammed V Hospital by her brother-in-law but eventually succumbed to her injuries. The husband used to abuse his wife who had to be hospitalized several times, according to information available.

A few hours after committing the irreparable, the father of the family was arrested by the security services, with the help of some neighbors. He was placed in custody and the competent Prosecutor General’s Office ordered the opening of an investigation to clarify the circumstances of this case.

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