The exorbitant increase in the price of olive oil causes anger of Moroccans

The prices of olive oil have known, this year, a review in astronomical rise, since the liter now costs 80 DH!

This has not failed to raise the indignation and anger of citizens, including Internet users on various social networks, on the increase in the price of olive oil, product consumed daily by the humble citizen, whose great weakness of purchasing power can not now allow him to buy.

These citizens have also assured that the can of olive oil of five liters costs the expensive and abusive price of 400 DH, for the time being, that is to say, the double of the price that it cost before! In this regard, the president of the Moroccan Interprofessional Federation of the olive said that the price of a liter of olive oil could not exceed 80 DH, as a limit price during this year, given the scarcity of rainfall and climate changes that the country experienced in 2022.

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