The People’s Movement demands the imposition of taxes on large farmers of “Avocado” to protect water wealth

A member of the movement’s parliamentary group, Abdel Nabi Eidoudi, called on the government to impose taxes on large farmers who invest in agricultural products that deplete water resources.

He explained, during a plenary session of monthly oral questions to the Prime Minister on public policy held today, that a kilo of fruit “Avocado” consumes, according to the report of the Water Footprint Network in the Netherlands, one thousand to two thousand liters of water, which is enough for the needs of a traffic circle.

He pointed out that the head of the government knows very well what is happening in the agricultural sector, since he has held the agricultural portfolio in previous governments for over 15 years.

He added that “more than 54 cities are threatened by thirst, including Marrakech and Oujda, where the waters of Oued Tensift are lost, while Marrakech is experiencing a thirst crisis.

He pointed out that only 13,000 roundabouts were connected to drinking water out of the 47,000 roundabouts programmed in the program to be connected to drinking water.

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