• Girls’ Empowerment through Football Program named Best Responsible Business Initiative of the Year at the International Peace and Sport Forum Awards at Monaco
  • Oulmes Mineral Waters in partnership with the NGO Tibu Africa supports the empowerment of nearly 1300 young girls through 8 centers in Morocco

Monaco, December 1st, 2022 – Oulmes Mineral Waters received the award for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative of The Year at the prestigious Peace and Sport Awards 2022. This distinction honored the joint commitment and achievements made by Oulmes Mineral Waters, in collaboration with the NGO Tibu Africa since 2020, in the field of education and empowerment of girls through Football.

Today, in Morocco, only 11% of girls in rural areas reach high school, and of the youth without training or employment, ¾ are girls. Oulmes Mineral Waters and TIBU Africa are committed to contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal #5 (SDG) which is to act for the promotion of gender equality and considers sport as a real lever to achieve this. Thanks to the values of solidarity and citizenship, and an unwavering commitment rooted in its history and DNA, Oulmes Mineral Waters has established itself as a Moroccan citizen company, which has defined the education of young girls as a priority axis. It has succeeded in creating a socio-educational model through sports education, and an ambitious and reinforced partnership.

This program, which has a strong social and societal impact, has led to the opening of 8 sports centers in 4 regions of Morocco. It has allowed nearly 1,300 young girls and more than 8,000 indirect beneficiaries to have access to new opportunities in terms of sports, education, human development and employability.

This project aims to provide girls aged 8 to 14 with an opportunity to access physical activity and sports in safe and modern facilities under the supervision of qualified coaches and teachers. By accompanying young girls in the critical transition phase from childhood to adolescence, this project aims to create a safe space for them to develop their motor, cognitive and socio-emotional skills. It focuses on language, leadership, STEM, and awareness of issues such as sexual and reproductive health, helping to break down social barriers and equip these girls with essential life skills.

“We are honored to receive the CSR Initiative of The Year award, which supports our efforts as a Moroccan citizen enterprise. Through our brand Sidi Ali, we have chosen to contribute to the education of young girls through sports. In three years, we have increased the number of beneficiaries tenfold and have achieved significant results as the majority have increased their academic performance and self- esteem. We are proud of this positive impact and we have the ambition that this model will contribute massively to the development of a more inclusive and egalitarian Moroccan society,” says Naoufel Jellal, Managing Director of Oulmes Mineral Waters.

The 13th edition of the Peace and Sport International Forum was held in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and numerous personalities from the sports ecosystem, bringing together more than 50 speakers and 250 participants from four continents, on the theme “Sport, an answer for peace”. According to Joël Bouzou, President and Founder of the Peace and Sports International Forum:

«The CSR Initiative of the Year Award goes to Oulmes Mineral Waters for its “Empowering girls through football” project, which puts the education of young girls at the forefront of the company’s CSR roadmap. Companies are increasingly willing to invest in projects that aim at the common good, and this initiative is an outstanding example of the role the private sector can play in social transformation. Congratulations to Oulmes Mineral Waters team for their commitment to empowering girls!»

Six other categories distinguished companies, institutions and NGOs that have made an essential contribution to social stability in the world through sport as a tool for dialogue, social cohesion and the transmission of peace values.

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