Tourism: National team’s achievement promotes access to new tourist markets

The Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of Relations with Parliament, Government Spokesman, Mustapha Baïtas, confirmed, that Morocco is increasingly sought in search engines and via social networking platforms, after the excellent performance of the national team at the World Cup Qatar 2022.
In a press briefing after the weekly meeting of the Government Council, Baitas stressed that the promotional efforts of Morocco did not target enough countries such as the United States, Argentina, Latin America in general, and some Asian countries, adding that the impressive performance of the national team makes it appropriate to deploy promotional efforts, through the department of supervision, to these destinations.
According to the government spokesman, it is mainly to focus interest on North and South America and some Asian countries, while maintaining the promotional effort led by the Ministry of Tourism to the classic destinations that bear the mark of loyalty.
He also stressed that the objective of the new promotional policy in preparation, thanks to the achievement of the Atlas Lions, aims to capitalize on the investment in promotional campaigns to ensure a return in terms of tourist flows to the national destination.

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