World Cup 2022: 30 million euros bet on the France-Morocco match

The final of the competition, between France and Argentina, alone generated 55 million bets, compared to 37.5 million for France-Croatia in 2018, said the ANJ, confirming figures published by the newspaper Les Echoes, stating that 30 million were bet during the Morocco-France semi-final.
For comparison, 366 million had been bet in total for the competition in 2018 and 420 million for the Euro in 2021, according to the competent entity in the matter, which will publish in January 2023 a more complete assessment of the figures and behavior of bettors.
The ANJ had initially anticipated at least €530 million in internet betting in France during the soccer World Cup, a 70% increase over the 2018 World Cup. But this amount was likely to change depending on the progress of the French team in the competition. The report will also include a section on operators’ advertising campaigns (content, volume and levers used).

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