Price increase of fruits and vegetables in Morocco

Rebelotte! It is the turn of fruits and vegetables to do theirs in Morocco! It is the price explosion all azimuths, for two days, to the great dismay and the legitimate and indignant incomprehension of consumers.

In this regard, the Secretary General of the Association of the wholesale market of fruits and vegetables of Casablanca explained that it is not logical to deny that this review upward exists, admitting that the current prices of some products of the kind, practiced in the souks and markets, are really exaggerated and astronomical.

This hardly reflects their true market value in comparison with the prices of fruits and vegetables practiced in the wholesale market where they cost much less, said Abderrazak Chabbi.

In a statement to Moroccan media outlets, the sector professional stressed that in the wholesale market, the prices of potatoes, carrots and onions do not exceed 4DH / kg, at least. Therefore, lamented our interlocutor, nothing explains that the retail sale knows such an exorbitant increase.

According to Chabbi, this upward review of fruit and vegetable prices is due to the prevailing lawlessness in the markets, ensuring that the liberalization of prices has contributed to much amplify this chaos and this, for lack of serious and effective control.

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