Ifrane: Snow In Profusion

According to the provincial director of Equipment and Water Ifrane, Abdelali Azmi, significant snowfall fell on the province during the night of Thursday to Friday covering the entire road network. These snowfalls, he explained, lasted all night and caused the closure of all roads to traffic, including the RN 13 linking Azrou to El Hajeb and Azrou to Timahdite and Midelt, the RN 08 linking Azrou to Ifrane and Ifrane to Imouzzer de Kandar, the RR 707 linking El Hajeb to Ifrane and Ifrane to Boulmane, in addition to the RP 7321 of the tourist circuit linking Ifrane to Michlifen and which was opened Saturday before visitors.

The road network affected by these snow removal operations is a total of 328.182 km spread over 134.5 km of national roads, 166.621 km of provincial roads and 25.500 km of regional roads.

Twelve snow removal machines have been mobilized to successfully reopen almost all roads to traffic in front of a large flow of vehicles and people who have headed to the city Ifrane and its region to enjoy this beautiful landscape of snow, he added, pointing out that the heights of snow recorded on the road network vary between 50 and 60 cm, especially at the forest of Jaba and the region of Michlifen.

This device is part of the proactive actions undertaken by the authorities to address climate risks of the winter season 2022-2023 such as high winds, thunderstorms, snow, ice, heavy rainfall and extreme cold that prevail throughout the province, by mobilizing about twenty snow removal machines that criss-cross the province’s road network, including a 150 hp CAT grader, a 90 hp backhoe, two 130 hp CAT loaders, five cutter trucks and twelve bow trucks. The authorities have also mobilized for this purpose important human resources, including 21 drivers, 12 workers, 06 technicians and 03 executives to succeed in this snow removal campaign.

This beautiful natural spectacle has attracted thousands of visitors from all regions of the Kingdom especially in this period of school vacations.

The vast snowfields of Ifrane and its region offer these visitors more opportunities to hike and walk under the snow and in the heart of the forests of its national park of Ifrane.

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