Morocco – Canary Islands: Torres in official visit from 16 to 21 February

Torres spoke of the expectations he has of the Spanish-Moroccan meeting, reiterating his desire to establish “better relations” with Morocco. “Good relations between Spain and Morocco are fundamental for the Canary Islands. This is the case now, but they will be further strengthened as a result of this high-level meeting,” he assured.   

 Angel Victor Torres stressed that good neighborliness with Morocco is of particular interest to the Canary Islands, for “many different reasons”, among which, he explained “international, trade and economic relations and control of migration flows”.   

 In his stay, Torres would be accompanied by a high-level delegation. In this regard, he said: “We will be accompanied by a trade delegation. The relationship between the Canary Islands and Morocco is close commercially. We have Canary Islands companies in Morocco, and our territory is home to Moroccan companies. All the elements are there for a better relationship at all levels,” he said.    

After most of his predecessors had dragged much to make an official visit to Morocco, for various reasons, including in connection with the restrictions that had characterized the two years of pandemic Coronavirus, Torres said he was convinced that his visit to the Kingdom will result in “important additions” for the economy of the islands.   

 As a reminder, the spokesman for the Canary Islands government, Julio Pérez had announced this official visit during a press conference held after the Council of Government.

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