Casablanca: astronomical rise in prices of red meat

The prices of red meats have recorded an astronomical rise this Saturday in several markets in Casablanca.

As noted by Le Site info, contrary to information indicating that the price per kilo costs 75 dirhams, the cost of mutton varies between 95 and 115 dirhams in Benjdia, the Oasis, the old medina, Derb Ghallef and Beauséjour, between 95 and 100 dirhams for beef, 115 dirhams for minced meat and 130 dirhams for chops.

Several overruns have also been noted in the markets. Some butchers do not display the prices of products on display while others negotiate the rates with customers, which has caused anger among consumers.

The Casablancais have denounced this continuous rise in prices and the silence of officials to their grievances. Most have rushed, moreover, on poultry, whose price is currently stable.

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