Saad Lamjarred affair: the actress Jamila El Haouni answers her detractors

A statement by the Moroccan actress, Jamila El Haouni, about the singer Saad Lamjarred, -who was sentenced to 6 years in prison by the Paris Court of Assizes and who appealed this judgment-, has caused and still causes a great controversy on social networks and has been apprehended differently by Internet users

And via her official Instagram account, the artist was keen to clarify her words, especially after one of her videos was widely shared, with comments that have, more or less, disturbed her.

Thus, having chosen to publish a photo where she is in the company of Nezha Regragui, she wrote the following comment: “Far from the headlines in search of sensationalism and buzz, my statement was clear and clean! I stated that I will not support any rapist or stalker, in general.

Jamila El Haouni was also keen to point out: “As for the case of Saad, it is still in the hands of French justice and the final verdict has not yet been pronounced.

He continued: “Saad remains a great Moroccan artist with a rich repertoire of works that have honored the country and enchanted us all. And Lalla Nezha and Ssi Bachir are colleagues whom we respect and esteem very much and whose great pain we share concerning their dear son”.

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