30 years in prison for killing his rival in love

His mistress abandons him to throw herself into the arms of another young man. This drug trafficker, a convicted felon, does not take the blow well. He decides to take revenge.

“What do you think I was going to do when he stole my girlfriend?”. This is the question that this young man, twenty-eight years old, who has served three prison sentences for drug trafficking, asked himself when he appeared before the three magistrates of the criminal chamber of the Court of Appeal of Casablanca. But the president of the court stopped him short and explained that only the court had the right to ask questions and the defendant only had to answer. His victim is a young man of twenty-two, who has also served two prison sentences for simple theft. Indeed, they had no relationship except that they are from the same neighborhood Moulay Rachid, explains the respondent while specifying that he crossed with his girlfriend. Not believing his eyes, he stopped them to ask for explanations. The victim answered him that she loves him. She also explained to him that she did not want him anymore because he was very aggressive towards her, that he mistreated her for a simple misunderstanding. Words that he never imagined to hear from her, and even more from a person that he considers to be an attack on his honor, he specifies to the Court. Immediately, he tries to slap his mistress. But his new lover interferes to beat him savagely to the point that he causes him a wound requiring four stitches. He returns home and to his fiefdom to sell hashish, but he does not forget the double affront he has just suffered from his ex-mistress and his new lover. Since, he did not cease brooding his revenge. He started to watch his rival. Two months later, the respondent noticed him in the company of his ex-mistress. He follows their steps until they enter a dairy. He remains hidden waiting for the right moment. When the couple starts to break bread, he attacks his rival and riddles his body with knife wounds. He also intended to kill his ex-mistress, he declared before the investigators of the judicial police. A statement that he denies before the court while specifying that he fled after committing his crime to return home.
 Faced with the confession of the accused, the representative of the public prosecutor requested the maximum penalty while the defense lawyer constituted in the framework of legal assistance requested to grant him mitigating circumstances. Finally, the court found him guilty of voluntary homicide with premeditation and ambush and sentenced him to 30 years of criminal imprisonment.

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