26 shows from the beginning of April throughout the kingdom

The 17th Nights of Ramadan, which will be held from April 4 to 20 at the initiative of the French Institute of Morocco, have the particularity of promoting the “heritage, whether urban or rural, tangible or intangible. An event that also wants to “bring the creation outside the walls”.

Many shows will be offered in the open air and accessible to all during the 17th NDR which will celebrate “Music in sharing”. The objective being, according to the French Institute (IF) of Morocco, to “celebrate together the musical wealth of the Moroccan and Mediterranean heritage”.

 This year’s edition will punctuate, according to the Institute initiator, the Ramadan evenings through “a national program where spiritual notes, Gnaoui, Chefchaouni or Sufi, but also a local program carefully constructed by the various branches of the French Institute of Morocco, from Essaouira in the south of the Kingdom to Oujda in the Oriental up the coastal areas of Agadir, El Jadida, Casablanca, Rabat, Kenitra, Tangier, Tetouan without forgetting the Atlas regions: Marrakech, Meknes and Fez. All animated by musicians from different backgrounds. This is a great opportunity for fans to “discover a traditional music with global influences, texts and original melodies.

 In detail, the public will discover, April 4 in Agadir, April 6 in Marrakech, April 7 in El Jadida, April 11 in Meknes and April 13 in Rabat, the musical cross-cultural creation “From Kabul to Bamako” group Sowal Diabi. For
their part, the ensembles Agamemnon and Rhoum El Bakkali will animate, April 11 in Tangier, April 12 in Tetouan, April 13 in Casablanca and April 15 in Oujda, the show “Guerrières d’Orient”. The two ensembles will play, in baroque music and Hadra Chefchaounia, a “musical reading of guitar, buzuq, oud and guembri. Also the group “Rouh” (Soul), expected April 6 in El Jadida, April 1 in Agadir and April 19 in Kenitra, will delight the public with its “interpretations. For his part, the artist André Simony will grace music lovers with his classical guitar on April 5 in El Jadida and April 6 in Kenitra. And that’s not all! Local talents are not left out. “In addition to this national programming, the French Institute of Morocco plans in its branches several artistic events, led by local artists to encourage the production and dissemination of Moroccan projects and weave the bonds of a fruitful dialogue between our two cultures, “adds the same source. Thus, the Ibn Arabi ensemble, founded by the eminent Ahmed El Kheligh, is expected on April 1 in Rabat. In Marrakech and Casablanca, a desert blues evening will be hosted respectively on April 6 and 15 by the group Tasuta N-Imal. In turn, the young artist Hind Ennaira known for her gnaoua style will host a concert on April 14 in Fez. On April 15, the group “Generation Taragalte” will give a concert in Marrakech. In Essaouira the two artists Loy Ehrlich & Bonbon Vodou will mix their art on April 19 for the happiness of the public.

 Label: For the past 5 years, the NDR have been part of the first French network dedicated to world music, called “Zone Franche”. According to IF, this is a transversal organization that brings together all categories of players in the sector: festivals, venues, labels and publishers, artist representatives, media, cultural associations, markets, etc. Better yet, Crédit du Maroc is also an official partner of the NDR 2023. As an essential event organized in 2007 in El Jadida and then extended to all the branches of the French Institute of Morocco since 2012, the Nuits du Ramadan, with its family and friendly atmosphere, aims to highlight the Moroccan and French music scene, and spread universal values of dialogue and respect, tolerance and sharing through the intercultural dialogue of world music. This year, a total of 26 shows will be organized either in the IF branches or in renowned venues. Not to be missed under any circumstances.

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