Free Fire launches its Ramadan campaign in the Middle East and Africa region

In keeping with the spirit of “Ramadan Blessing,” Free Fire, the popular mobile “Battle Royale” game, announces the launch of its special Ramadan-themed campaign in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. “As part of this campaign, Free Fire presents a hyperlocal experience, inviting players to join Alvaro, one of Free Fire’s most famous characters, as well as other characters in the game, in order to complete the Ramadan Quest,” say the initiators. Thus, players are invited to go on an exciting journey with Alvaro and his Free Fire sidekicks to discover the Quest of Ramadan by visiting key sites in the Middle East and Africa, such as the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Chefchaouen in Morocco, the Fountain of King Fahd in Saudi Arabia, the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, Maqam Echahid in Algeria, Petra in Jordan, Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunisia, the National Theater in Nigeria, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Raouché in Beirut, the Sahara Desert and Victoria Falls in Tanzania. In order to provide an immersive and global experience, Free Fire offers a captivating narrative relating Alvaro’s journey through the Middle East, through motion comics and in-game experiences.

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