Maritime traffic: resumption of the flow between Tanger Med and Algeciras

The Port of Tangier Med officials have just announced the temporary cessation of maritime activities with Algeciras, due to the persistence of adverse weather conditions, ranging from strong gusts to windstorms. As a result, several shipping companies linking Morocco to Algeciras, but also Tarifa, have postponed or canceled their schedule for the days of 5 and 6 April 2023.

Even in the south of the Kingdom, maritime traffic has been hit hard by the gusts of wind, especially at the ports of Agadir, Laayoune, Sidi Ifni and Dakhla. Rebellious winds and waves up to 3 meters are expected in Laayoune, with a very rough sea.

The storms concerning Agadir have lasted since last Tuesday, while the gusts continue to blow on Dakhla. For its part, the coast of Sidi Ifni will experience dangerous waves up to 4 meters, with winds from the north up to 4 degrees on the Beaufort scale.

For the Iberian south, the fast ferries Ciudad de Ceuta (Trasmediterránea), Avemar Dos (Balearia) and Levante Jet (FRS) have suspended their connections with the Kingdom. Similarly, the port of Tarifa, in Cadiz, has also cancelled its connections with Tangier.

In addition, being accustomed to these weather conditions, the ship Passió per Formentera (Balearic Islands) has not changed its schedule one iota.

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