An unauthorized demonstration degenerates into riots in Skhirat

The city of Skhirat was the scene of violent clashes between the inhabitants of the douar “Amhijr” and the police. Riots broke out following an unauthorized demonstration organized by residents who protested against the demolition of a slum. 

 The demolition project dates back to 2004, when an agreement was reached with the local authorities to demolish the illegal 
dwellings in exchange for the transfer of the inhabitants concerned to more decent residential complexes. This is disputed by the demonstrators who say they are claiming land. This has not been confirmed, so far.  

 The clashes have been documented in several videos taken by eyewitnesses. Deployed in large numbers, the forces of law and order were confronted with strong violence from some demonstrators who threw stones in their direction.    

 Videos show scenes of violence where elements of the police and the gendarmerie are seen retreating from the scene after being pelted with stones. 

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