Khouribga: The young motorcyclists… a real public danger

In Khouribga, on all public roads and especially in front of schools, they are real motocross to the rhythm of dangerous acrobatics and at the risk of their lives and those of innocent victims. 

 Every year, unfortunately, there are many deaths, traumas and serious handicaps due to accidents caused by these two-wheeled machines. 
 Indeed, the number of motorcycles and large motorcycles that crisscross the streets of the city has become really exasperating. These young motorcyclists, encouraged by a certain laxity of the authorities concerned, crisscross the city at dizzying speeds, not to say appalling. And by roaring their free escapes, our stuntmen of the center of the city burn the red lights of all the crossroads and traffic circles and “swallow” the stop signs by initiating turns to the rope and on the hats of wheels, in spite of the presence of the agents of the traffic. 

 And in this holy month of Ramadan, it is really an infernal and terrifying spectacle at the rhythm of frighteningly deafening petarades. They make the big boulevards in hordes terrorizing the users of the public way and especially the women and the children, and this until late hours of the night. They even disturb citizens who are at home. All these young people drive without helmets while they do all the roundabouts and arteries of the city. 

 Today, while the Ministry of Transport has launched the registration of mopeds, motor tricycles and light motor 
quadricycles, citizens wonder why these young motorcyclists who have become a real public danger are not stopped or penalized by traffic officers even when they commit offenses. 

 Thus, in these nights of the holy month dozens of motorcyclists go out at night to make their motorized rodeos and especially along the boulevards Mohammed VI and Moulay Youssef where families and their children go out in search of the coolness of the night. The citizens, through this post, ask whoever is entitled to launch a police campaign against these young motorcyclists who have become a real public danger, in order to eradicate this evil of urban traffic and at all levels. Therefore, a preventive and rigorous campaign against the uncivil and daredevil actions of these motorcyclists is necessary today and more than ever in order to save human lives and ensure the citizen’s right to serenity. It will contribute to regulate this sector and reinforce road safety. 

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