Two misunderstandings end in bloodshed in Beni Mellal and Berrechid

In Beni Mellal, a young man aged 21 was arrested by members of the Judicial Police of the city’s Prefecture of Security for fatally beating another young man, according to a judicial source. A misunderstanding occurred around dawn between the two antagonists. Losing all control of their nerves, they exchanged punches. Taking advantage of a moment of inattention on the part of his antagonist, the murderer took out his knife, which he had hidden under his clothes, and struck him in the lungs before fleeing. In a very critical condition, the victim was evacuated to the regional hospital’s emergency department. But he soon gave up the ghost. The Beni Mellal police quickly identified and arrested the perpetrator.

In the Laâlalech douar of the Ben Maâchou urban district, a young man who had been on the run after committing a murder was arrested by the Ouled Âbbou Royal Gendarmerie after his cell phone was traced. A simple misunderstanding may also have been behind the crime.

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