Casablanca: cancellation of concert by French rapper Ninho

According to information from Hespress, Pacha Mohammed Dawabi, head of the Maârif urban district, sent a document to the director of the Mohammed V sports complex in Casablanca, stating that the request to organize Ninho’s concert had been refused. The concert was due to take place in the complex’s indoor hall.    
 The cancellation comes shortly after rapper Booba’s controversial concert, scheduled for June 21 at the same venue. According to Hespress, the cancellation was agreed at a security meeting held on May 25 at the headquarters of the Casablanca-Anfa provinces. The reasons for this refusal are as yet unknown.    
 Last year, on June 24, 2022 to be precise, a concert took place featuring Ninho and the two Moroccan artists RYM and 7liwa. The event attracted a large audience, again on the premises of the Mohammed V sports complex.

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