15-year prison sentence for pedophile

Keeping to himself, this schoolboy attracted the attention of his mother, who began to ask him for explanations. To no avail. Finally, he confided in his older sister that he had been sexually abused.

“While he was talkative, he suddenly plunged into silence”. With these words, this mother, standing before the three magistrates of the Criminal Division of the Casablanca Court of Appeal while holding her child’s hand, describes the change in behavior of her son, who had just turned seven.
 The mother explained that he hardly ever spoke to her anymore, and when she asked him why, he just stared at her without saying a word,” she told the court.
 The boy finally confided in his older sister, asking her not to say anything to his mother. After promising not to divulge anything, she of course told her mother everything.
 He explained that every time he was on his way to the elementary school where he continued his studies, he noticed a man following in his footsteps. And as if he knew his schedule, he found him every time he left school. One day, he approached him and invited him to a refreshing drink at a dairy. The schoolboy quickly accepted. From then on, he started talking to him about sex. As the meetings progressed, he offered to accompany him to his home. The child agreed. Since then, he’s abused him 5 times. But then he started to run away from him. He threatened to kidnap him if he continued to refrain from sleeping with him. The schoolboy, not knowing which saint to turn to, withdrew into himself. 
As for the accused, aged forty-two, divorced and father of two, he denied having turned the boy away, explaining to the court that the child had approached him when he met him by pure chance in a dairy. Initiating a conversation, the child asked him to have sex with him. He then turned away from him when he became involved with another individual. A version rejected by the schoolboy, who is currently undergoing psychotherapy.
 After the public prosecutor’s request for the maximum sentence and the defense lawyer’s plea for extenuating circumstances in his client’s favor, the court delivered its verdict against the suspect, sentencing him to fifteen years’ imprisonment.

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