He sets fire to himself to protest against his beloved

Madly in love with a young girl, he wants to marry her. Although she doesn’t share the same feelings, she accepts at first, but 48 hours before the wedding date, she withdraws. The shock is too much for him.

The thirty-something self-immolated in Fez, leaving no traces of his suicidal act, such as a letter, a recording, or informing anyone that he was going to commit suicide. All we know is that he was madly in love with a young girl. Those close to him told investigators from the judicial police of the Fès security force that he adored the girl, but she didn’t share the same feelings. The deceased’s relatives told the investigators that he had told the girl that he had a dream of starting a marital home with her, and of being under the same roof as soon as possible. After thinking about it, she decided to take his proposal seriously. The two began to prepare for their wedding night. According to those close to the deceased, they even set the date for after Eid Al Adha.

Only, forty-eight hours before the big day, she delivered the bad news that she no longer wanted to marry him. He felt betrayed and stabbed in the back. He phoned her, but there was no answer. He just wanted to know why the sudden turnaround, wondering whether accepting a marriage proposal was child’s play or a considered decision by a serious, sincere person.

Deeply depressed, he fell into a depression, and finally took the radical decision to end his life. To this end, he bought petrol and went to the El Ouifak district of Zouagha. Not far from a popular market, he stood up, doused his body with petrol and set fire to it. In a very serious condition, he was evacuated to the burns unit of the hospital, but gave up the ghost a few hours later.

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