Man’s body discovered in a car in Chichaoua

The Chichaoua police are working hard to solve the mystery of a drug dealer’s corpse discovered in the boot of a car parked at the entrance to the town of Chichaoua on the freeway.

Since Tuesday July 18, elements of the judicial police of the Chichaoua security district have been investigating the case of a decomposing male corpse discovered inside the boot of a car.
 The case began with a shocking revelation from the ex-wife of a drug trafficker. Of her own free will, she went to the police in Marrakech as soon as she got off the bus from Chichaoua. She revealed to police investigators that she had been in the company of her ex-husband, with whom she occasionally spent drunken evenings. Although separated, they continue to live as husband and wife. In fact, she told the investigators, living in Marrakech, she went to visit her ex-husband and current lover, in the douar Slimane, in Chichaoua. During the course of the evening, she noticed in a corner of her ex-husband’s home the corpse of an individual, his hands tied, with wounds to the face and head. But who was he? She has no idea. The police machine was quickly set in motion, under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Ochre City Court of Appeal. Judicial police investigators first rushed to the drug dealer’s home in Chichaoua, but found neither the drug dealer nor the body with its hands tied. They didn’t give up, however, especially as the woman seemed serious and certain that she had seen a man’s corpse. They immediately set about combing the area around the house. Indeed, they found the car, a Clio 4, of the drug dealer and ex-husband of the woman, parked at the entrance to the town of Chichaoua, off the freeway. On opening the trunk, they discovered the corpse of a man, in advanced decomposition. He was evacuated to the morgue for an autopsy. The investigation revealed that the crime had been committed by two people: an individual living in El Jadida and the ex-husband of the woman who had alerted the police. Both are currently being actively sought. 
The investigation revealed that the victim was also a drug 
dealer. This supports the hypothesis of a settling of scores. The investigation is still ongoing between Chichaoua, El Jadida and Marrakech.

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