Sub-Saharan woman’s murderer arrested in Dakhla

An illegal sub-Saharan man implicated in a case of voluntary manslaughter coupled with theft in Dakhla was arrested in Rabat on Tuesday August 29, according to a press release issued by the General Directorate of National Security. His arrest was the result of information gathered by elements of the Direction générale de la surveillance du territoire national, the same judicial source added, pointing out that the victim was also a sub-Saharan woman in an irregular situation.
The case dates back to Friday August 25, when the Dakhla judicial police were alerted and rushed to a house in the Al Ghofrane district, where a Sub-Saharan woman was found dead, the same police source added. At the scene of the crime, the detectives found traces of physical violence on the corpse, perpetrated by a blunt object. Regarding the motive for the crime, the same police source reported that it was a dispute over the cost of renting a room that had turned sour. After killing the victim, he took a sum of money and his telephone. The suspect was placed in police custody and handed over to the detectives of the Dakhla PJ, concluded the same police source.

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