Al Haouz earthquake: German Red Cross humanitarian mission postponed

According to German media reports, DRK announced the cancellation, citing unforeseen regulatory changes that made it impossible to maintain the flight scheduled for the same day.     
“For reasons beyond our control, as well as that of our partners in the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, new regulations and guidelines were suddenly announced, making it impossible for the aircraft to take off today,” DRK said in a statement.     
The relief flight was due to depart with a total of 36.6 tonnes of humanitarian supplies, including over 3,000 insulating floor mats and 550 family tents. 
This last-minute cancellation was met with deep regret, as it would have brought much-needed aid to earthquake survivors in Morocco.     
“We deeply regret these developments, as people on the ground urgently need help after severe earthquakes,” DRK added. 
The organization said it is now working to resolve the delay in delivering the necessary humanitarian aid.

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