Khouribga: Three young sniffers fall victim to dilutants

On the same night last Tuesday, the bodies of three young men were discovered on the public highway in three different parts of the town of Khouribga. According to initial reports, the three young men, one of whom was a minor and the oldest no older than 25, had sniffed paint thinner, a solvent that had been converted from its original use as a drugstore product to a cheap drug available to young delinquents. 

Immediately notified, the King’s Prosecutor at the Khouribga Court of Appeal ordered an investigation to determine the cause of death of the three young men found on the public highway. The bodies were taken to the morgue of the Hassan II provincial hospital in Khouribga for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Preliminary findings, under the supervision of the judicial police, confirmed that there were no traces of violence on the victims’ bodies. 
 After identifying the victims and notifying their parents, it was concluded that the three young men were notorious sniffers of these diluents which, according to medical sources, had been the cause of the destruction of their coronary arteries, inevitably leading to cardiac arrest. Following statements by some of the victims’ friends, the judicial police arrested the owner of the drugstore who had sold them the product, and he was immediately brought before the Criminal Division of the Khouribga Court of Appeal, after seizing the products that could have been the cause of the intoxication. 

As a result, two of the three bodies were returned to their families and buried on Thursday, while the body of the third victim was transferred to Casablanca, presumably for further information on the products consumed by the victims, notably solvents used in the paint industry. A fourth victim has been hospitalized and, according to the same medical sources, his life is not in danger.  

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