Azilal: A psychological support unit for disaster victims

The Provincial Health and Social Protection Delegation in Azilal announced this week that it had set up a psychological support unit to help those affected by the earthquake that struck several regions of the Kingdom. 
In view of the scale of the disaster, which has affected the victims and their families, the Provincial Health Delegation has decided to set up a psychological unit to support the bereaved families and survivors of the disaster. 

The role of this unit, comprising psychiatric specialists and social workers, is to comfort the victims’ families, reduce the risk of complications and psychological disorders, and soften the shock induced by the earthquake. 

The unit set up at the Aït Tamlil rural health center is open 24 hours a day throughout the week as part of efforts to support local authorities in alleviating the suffering of earthquake victims. 

It should be noted that the local authorities and the province’s public forces are continuing to clear the rubble caused by the earthquake and to distribute aid to the local population.

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