Casablanca: The Wilaya conducts a blood donation campaign for Al-Haouz disaster victims

The blood drive, organized in collaboration with the Casablanca Regional Blood Transfusion Center, was remarkably well attended, notably by wilaya officials and elected representatives from the Casablanca-Settat region. 

In a statement to the national press, Mohammed Bourrahim, First Vice-President of the Casablanca-Settat Regional Council, said the campaign was part of the Moroccan people’s solidarity with the victims of the Al-Haouz earthquake. 

For her part, Amina Lama, a member of the Casablanca local council, said that “by taking part in this blood donation campaign, we are fulfilling our national duty to contribute to the effort to support the victims”. 

“Following the unfortunate earthquake that struck our country last Friday, we were keen to take part in this blood donation campaign and join in the outpouring of solidarity with the victims, with whom we share the suffering and pain”, stressed Missaoui Younes, a civil servant with the Casablanca municipality. 

Kamal Baraka, an employee of a public transport company, also took part in the campaign. “It’s a way of expressing our condolences and solidarity with the victims and their families”, he said. 

Moreover, on Wednesday, Amal Darid, director of the Center, declared herself very satisfied with the success of the operation. Donations reached 8,000 blood bags, thanks to the strong involvement of the people of Casablanca and all Moroccan citizens, who rushed to join the long queues to give blood to those affected by the tragedy. If the daily rate of 500 blood donors is maintained, the number of bags should reach 10,000 next Sunday. 

The outpouring of generosity is such that volunteers who are asked to come back the next day or two are leaving disappointed because they don’t feel they have enough solidarity. 
The organizers, assisted by security guards and a few police officers dispatched by the Préfecture de Police, managed to contain the wrath of these upset people by taking the time to remind them of the important and sensitive nature of the operation. 

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