15-year prison sentence for pedophile

Pedophiles are usually people who are well known to their victims. This may be a close friend, a family member, a neighbor, etc. Most of them are people who have gained the trust of their victims. For the most part, these are people who have won the trust of their victims. This is just one case among many.

This family man is standing in the dock of the criminal chamber of the Casablanca Court of Appeal, under arrest for indecent assault on minors under the age of fifteen.
The forty-eight-year-old employee and father of two claimed his innocence before the three magistrates. The president of the court then asks him why it is precisely these three children, all his neighbors who live in the same building in the Salmia district of Casablanca, and not the other children in the same neighborhood, who are pointing the finger at him? He murmured an answer that didn’t convince the public prosecutor.
The case came to light when the mother of one of this paedophile’s child victims noticed a ten-dirham coin on her six-year-old child. Since neither she nor her father had given him anything, she asked him who had. His disturbance and silence tipped off the mother, who insisted that her child tell her, threatening to inform his father. And the child spilled the beans, confiding that their neighbor always took advantage of his family’s absence to call him to join him at home. The child told his mother that he was taking off his clothes to sexually abuse him, while giving him a ten-dirham coin and asking him to keep it a secret between them. The mother informed her husband and went to the police to lodge a complaint. 
The accused was arrested and tried to clear his name. But to no avail. Two mothers of two children victimized by the pedophile went to the police to lodge a complaint. They told the investigators that they were aware of their neighbor’s sexual perversion, but were ashamed to turn to the police. As soon as their neighbor came to file a complaint, they were encouraged and turned to the law. 
In court, the defendant continued to proclaim his innocence and explain that it was all lies. However, the court found him guilty and sentenced him to fifteen years’ imprisonment.

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