30 years’ imprisonment for a 20-year-old who killed his mother

He abused her and even threatened her with a knife. But she never reported the assault.

Does he regret his crime? This was the last question the president of the criminal division of the Casablanca Court of Appeal asked the defendant during his interrogation. “Yes, I regret it, Mr. President,” he replied, bursting into tears like a little child. Throughout his interrogation, he did not proclaim his innocence, but explained that he did not know what he was doing. Twenty-four years old, he was raised by his mother, who refused to remarry after the death of her husband.

But he never appreciated her sacrifice. From the time he was fourteen, he never stopped abusing her. At least, that’s what one of their neighbors told the police. This neighbor told the investigators that they intervened repeatedly to stop him from abusing her. He also threatened her with a knife. But she never went to court to file a complaint for assault against an ascendant. Because he’s her only child? Perhaps. She endured the ordeal, but kept silent.On “D” day, he came into the house while his mother was watching TV. She asked him to go to the kitchen and get his dinner. “I remember her asking me to get my dinner. But I told her I didn’t need it,” he tells the court.
Drunk and drugged, he told her he didn’t want to eat, but needed money. Not having a penny to his name, his mother asked him to wait until morning. But he wouldn’t hear of it; he wanted the money right away. She assured him she didn’t have any. Furious, he began insulting her and searching the four corners of the house for something to buy the drugs. Finding nothing, he pulled her by the clothes. She started screaming and asking for help. Unfortunately, he stabbed her in the chest, then fatally, and left the scene. 
The next day, he returned home as if nothing had happened. And the police arrested him.

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