A Moroccan promised his victims he would recruit them in agricultural fields in France

A swindler who posed as a person accredited by the French consulate in Morocco to recruit unemployed young people to work in agricultural fields in France was found guilty by the correctional chamber of the Azrou court of first instance, which sentenced him to three years’ imprisonment. He succeeded in swindling thirty-eight victims, who joined the proceedings as civil parties.

In its ruling, the court stipulated that he must pay 32,000 dirhams to each of the 32 victims and 72,000 dirhams to each of the six other victims. His accomplice, who found the victims for him, was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment. The accused promised unemployed young people in Azrou that he would recruit them, with proper work contracts, in agricultural fields in France. He pocketed a minimum of 30,000 dirhams from each victim. After a long search, his victims finally spotted him and surrounded him before the police arrived to arrest him.

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