Over 165,000 complaints filed in Morocco from January to date

Since the launch of the portal, over 1,366,000 claims have been filed. More than 1,117,000 claims have been processed.

More than 1,366,000 claims have been filed since the official launch of the national claims portal in January 2018. According to statistics published on the Chikaya. ma website, the total number of claims filed since the beginning of January until November 27, 2023 is 165,483. In detail, 18,893 claims were received during January 2023, 14,824 in February, 16,637 in March, 13,601 in April, 16,753 in May, 15,052 in June and 14,686 in July, 13,243 in August, 14,504 in September, 15,208 in October and 12,082 in November.
More than 1,117,000 claims have been processed since the site was launched. In 2023, 15,332 claims were processed in January, 11,820 in February, 13,496 in March, 11,245 in April, 13,291 in May, 10,735 in June, 11,396 in July, 10,294 in August, 11,182 in September, 9,869 in October and 6,324 in November.
The number of claims currently being processed continues to rise. They rose from 3,561 in January 2023 to 40,513 in November. In February, the number reached 6,565, 9,704 in March, 12,060 in April, 15,522 in May, 19,839 in June, 23,129 in July, 26,078 in August, 29,400 in September, 34,739 in October and 40,513 in November. The rate of claims processed rose to 65.95%, compared with 59.97% in 2022.
In addition, the number of claims for which claimants expressed satisfaction with the responses obtained fell from 226 in January to 100 in November. This number was 196 in February, 243 in March, 196 in April, 185 in May, 136 in June, 185 in July, 152 in August, 204 in September and 201 in October. The positive return rate was 57.34%. On the other hand, the number of unsatisfied applicants fell from 86 in January to 27 in November.
The average claim processing time was 60 days. In January, it was 73 days. It fell to 36 days in February, 51 days in March, 86 days in April, 41 days in May, 31 days in June, 46 days in July, 23 days in August, 67 days in September, 75 days in October and 144 days in November. Since its launch, the Chikaya application has been deployed in 1,740 administrations (ministries and high commissions, local authorities, public establishments and companies).
In 2022, the total number of claims filed was 176,744. More than 996,000 claims have been processed since the launch of the site to the end of 2022. Claims in process rose from 4,331 in January 2022 to 51,295 in December. The rate of claims processed fell to 59.97%, compared with 85.74% in 2021. As for the number of claims reopened, these totalled 58,809 from the launch of the portal to the end of 2022. In 2022, 13,158 claims were reopened. 55% of claims received a positive response.

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