Morocco: tomato prices hit record highs

Is this the effect of the lack of rain or the result of intermediaries? This weekend, the price of a kilogram of tomato reached 15 dirhams in some Casablanca markets. In the popular souks of Hay Mohammadi and Hay Hassani, in particular, it’s 12 to 13 dirhams a kilogram. Carrots also saw their price rise to 11 or 12 dirhams in some markets. 

When we asked a tomato merchant in the Maârif district market on Sunday December 10, 2023, he replied, “I don’t know where to turn. I paid Dh12.50 a kilogram for my 25-kilo crate of tomatoes, and if you add the ancillary costs and the profit I have to make, the selling price should be around Dh15 a kilo”, he says. The same is true of vegetable traders…

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